Hi, this is Professor Travis Tooke and I want to thank you for your interest in our Program for Mixed Martial Arts in Houston TX. Whether your goal is to learn an effect self defense system, get into the best shape of your life, or even become a World Class Competitor, we will help you get there. To schedule a time to meet with one of ourprofessional Martial Arts Consultants

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People from all ages and walks of life train at our school and for many different reasons. When you come into our academy you will find out why we are one of the largest and most successful Martial Arts Academies in Houston, both in the competitive arena and in customer service. Our goal at Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts in Houston is to make every member here feel like they are part of the family andy that is exactly what you can expect.

Check out some of the programs that we offer…

Brazilian Jiu jitsu 

Our Brazilian Jiu jitsu program is unlike any program you will find around. We have a customized curriculum just for beginners. We also have special truing sessions and classes just for our advanced students and competitors, or our Combat Athlete Program students. Unlike most Brazilian Jiu jitsu academies that mix all the students together (creating a system that is not very beneficial for the beginner or the advanced student), when you come into our BJJ classes, you will be put on the path that is best suited to meet your short term goals while planning your long term goals.


New Students in our Muay Thai program love the fact that they can get in shape while training in a system that is specially designed for the beginner in mind. Our 3 month Fundamentals Curriculum allows new students to learn the fundamentals in a structured and organized way. It will also prepare you for our Combat Athlete Muay Thai Program which is the perfect program for the serious student. In our Combat Athlete Program students who have achieved a higher level of skill and fitness will be permitted to train more advanced methods and, if you like, compete.


Our Program for Mixed Martial Arts in Houston, TX  has helped to produce some of the best MMA Fighters in the world!

As a member of the Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Program you will be learning the same skills that have helped UFC fighters like Andrew Craig and Yves Edwards write their names in the history books of MMA. But remember, our program is not just for Fighters and Athletes. In fact, most of our students are not competitors and are just training for all the great benefits our MMA Program offers. If you are new to Martial Arts then we have the perfect program just for beginners.


Our Houston Judo Program is second to none. We are the only Judo school in Texas to have an Olympic Medalist as a coach. Sensei Ernesto Perez is the 1996 Olympic Silver Medalist and has put together an amazing Judo Curriculum for our academy. Whether you are a beginner level or advanced Judoka, you will love this amazing program. We also highly recommend our Judo classes for Jiu jitsu students who want to improve their throwing and takedown game.


Attention Ladies: would you like to lose 20-100 lbs? Would you like to get a trim, sexy physique while having a blast in a fun, energetic environment? The Team Tooke Women Boot Camp is for the woman who is fed up with going to the gym and not getting results. In our Women Only Boot Camp, you will train with like minded women in a positive and goal driven environment. We offer a free 1 week trial as well as a One-On-One Fitness evaluation with one of our professional instructors. What are you waiting for?


Learn the sweet science that made icons like Muhammed Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard house hold names. Our Boxing program is the perfect addition to any striking program and will get you into amazing shape. Coach Lewis Wood has coached some of the top names in the sport of Boxing and MMA and will elevate your skills to new heights. Our Boxing Program is the perfect addition to our Mixed Martial Arts in Houston, TX Program

Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts

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